Clowbridge Compass Sport Cup/Trophy

Thank you to everyone who helped to organise and compete in today’s Compass Sport Cup/Trophy heat on Clowbridge. Special note for our key officials: Caroline Barcham (Organiser), Mark Seddon (Planner) and Andy Quickfall (Controller). We were definitely lucky with the weather. If it had been Thursday morning then I don’t think anyone would have arrived due to snow.  If it

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201802-Tawd Valley NWNL Results

Well done to everyone who ventured over to Skelmersdale for the latest round of the North West Night League.  It wasn’t overly salubrious, it wasn’t warm, it wasn’t dry and it was definitely a bit muddy in places.   Nonetheless there was some navigational challenge and at least a little adventure encountered. Thanks to the mapper/planner/organiser Stephen Richards. Results: Results Routegadget

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201710 – Lever Park Results

Despite the forecast, 107 brave explorers ventured out onto a wet and windy Lever Park today.  Using parts of the map that have not been used for some time and required some updating. Results: Results WinSplits SplitsBrowser RouteGadget Controllers Comments: To follow Planners Comments My job was made much easier by the extensive map updates made by Stephen Richards, though

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